Hate Mail Received From Angry Competitor (Screenshot Of Mail Included)

The other day, I received my first ever hate mail.

Now I have received a few insulting emails in the past…

…but never have I been accussed of trying to steal leads from others.

Here is the screenshot of the email:

Unstoppable Hate Mail

**Email received from angry competitor promoting Unstoppable Entrepreneur (Click to see enlarged version)

Here’s why he sent this…

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on this Unstoppable Entrepreneur Bonus blog, because I really want to get as many people to the event as possible.

And it’s not just about trying to sell it to make a quick buck… but it’s because I believe this conference will truly transform peoples lives- especially aspiring entrepreneurs.

In fact, I believe in it so much… that I’m actually making the 26 hour plane flight to get from Perth to San Diego to attend myself- that’s how much I believe in what Jonathan Budd is doing…

As an incentive to bring as many other entrepreneurs as possible…  I put together a special bonus package, worth a very real $2,364.57 – you can read all about it at:


In fact, I even have offered to throw in a free $800 Ipad for whoever orders first on Feb 21st… in just a couple of days.

I have looked around at all the other bonus’s as well- and made sure that mine is by far the best.

But Here’s The Problem…

I’m not the only one promoting Unstoppable Entrepreneur…  in fact, Jonathan Budd has over 12,000 affiliates, and you can bet that a lot of them will be trying to sell tickets, just like me.

In other words… the competition is extremely fierce.

That’s part of the reason I’m offering over $2,364.57 in Free Bonus’s if you order from this page- because I wanted to stand out head and shoulders above any other affiliates… and I had to find a way to compete with the gurus.

But some other affiliates don’t me for that…

They believe they should make a commission just for sending people to their affiliate link- and should not have to add any extra value.

And it’s got to the point… that just 2 days ago, I received some hate mail from another affiliate, calling me ‘Sad’- which is the email you see above.

After some bantering back and forth, I sent this one:

My Response

My Response Justifying My Outrageous bonus Package.

What Carlos did not seem to get… was that ‘leads’ belong to no one.

No single marketer can say that his customers are only his.

For example…

Let Me Ask You A Question:

How many emails do you get a day from marketing people like me?

Am I the only one sending you this stuff?

No.  I didn’t think so.

I bet you’re on the lists of more than 10 other marketers right?  Some of you will get more than 20 emails a day on this stuff… all from different people.

I know I do…

And whenever there’s a launch on…

… you probably hear about it from 10 different people.

So you get to choose who you buy through.  And maybe you’ve even started buying through those who offer the best bonus package.  That’s what I do.

Unlike what Carlos said…

…I don’t really view you as a ‘lead.’

I view you as a person who’s on my list to learn internet marketing related stuff.

You’re interested in it, just like me.

There’s a good chance you’re trying to build a real business from home-  so you don’t ever need to rely on someone else for a pay check, and you can live your life on your terms.

So if you want to go to San Diego for a weekend, you can.

That’s true freedom- and that’s what  your business can provide for you.

My whole intention with this bonus package I have put together is to give you a HUGE incentive to make the effort to go to this event.

If you decide to join me at Unstoppable Entrepreneurs… then over the next 12 months, I’ll be giving you a new $197 product every month- and helping you implement what the product teaches on our training calls, so you can get results and make money with them.

And these products won’t be anything like 99% of the ‘get rich quick’ crap you see being peddled all over the ‘net… this will be sharing with you what is working in my business right now- strategies and techniques that I have tested and made money from- which I will then teach to you.

And if I’m going to be accussed of ‘stealing’ someone else’s business for a bonus like that… then all I have to say to you competing affiliates out there who think like that is this:

The game has changed.  This is not 1999.  This is 2011.

And if you want people to buy through your affiliate links, and send you a commission, then you better offer them a damn good reason to do so- like including a $2,364.57 Bonus Package.

So Carlos… that is my response to you.

This is not a personal attack… you’re probably a nice guy.

But just a little naieve.

People are not stupid- they know you are getting a commission out of it- so give them a good reason to feel good about giving you a commission.

Either evolve… or go do something else.

P.S.  If you are an Unstoppable Entrepreneur Affiliate… and you don’t know how to put together your own bonus package… I have made a 2 hour free video training session to show you how (it was one I actually did for Jonathan Budds Elite students).

It reveals how I made $7,600 in under a week, promoting Jonathan Budds last course- ‘Get Traffic 3.0′

You can see it for free here:


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About the Author: Matt Lloyd

Matt Lloyd is a 24 year old entrepreneur and internet marketing consultant who lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has achieved Top 10 status in many of the major worldwide affiliate contests, and is passionate about wealth creation.

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  • Nice one Matt … I wouldn’t have been so polite, but like you said, he’s probably a nice guy – he just doesn’t “get it” … this is business and you are doing nothing different to what Jonathan Budd teaches!

  • More power to you Matt! I think it’s totally justifiable.

  • I agree with you Matt, but also know how Carlos feels. Its just that Carlos hasn’t learnt how to put bonuses together (I’m just learning myself) as I and everyone else on the learning curve has lost commissions due to other peoples “Bonuses” You can have thousands of hits on your affiliate link and no buyers all because of not offering bonus’s. Thanks for the link to your video above, you are more than generous
    Scotty Bee

    • Yes… about 8 months ago, when I’d never created a bonus- I also felt sometimes it was unfair…. I’d see all these gurus coming out with their bonus’s and I had nothing extra to offer.

      But there’s always something someone can offer… no matter where they’re at. The first bonus I offered was just a weekly webinar series to help support the new customers… and I put a price tag on that for what was a fair value. So people can always come up with their own bonus’s…

      Are you coming to the event? Hope to see you there if you are, I’m actually really looking forward to it!

      • Unfortunetly not Matt. Love to go,next time is a great goal to shoot for :)

  • Hi Matt,

    I like your followers and they seem to respect you allot. Let’s sweeten the deal a little.
    How about I will offer the first buyer trough your link- instead of one month of SEO – I offer 3 months?

    Why? Well its my B-Day today, so why not :)

    This can make a huge difference in their business…

    Let me know!



    • Hey Alem, that’s awfully generous of you… I have no question that within 3 months, you could get someone ranking for some seriously competitive keywords, and they could get a lot of free leads out of it.


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