Jonathan Budd Makes Fun Of My Aussie Accent (Rather Poorly) – Interview

I thought this was pretty funny… I just interviewed Jonathan Budd, and while fumbling to get my headset working, he attempted possibly the worst imitation of an aussie accent I ever heard- but it was pretty funny.

But straight after… things got a little more serious.

To tell you the truth… I’ve never interviewed a guy who’s done over $10 million in online sales before- so I seized the chance to get some important questions answered.

You can listen to the interview in full here (we get started after the first minute):

Here’s a sneak preview of just some of the questions….

- If your list (which is over 200,000) was taken away from you tomorrow, what is the one traffic source you’d use to get it back?

- Are you still using Google Adwords… or is it dead for home business owners?

- Who are your top 3 major influences you’ve had when building your multi-million dollar business, and why?

- How did you break into the ‘guru’ world?

- How did you get your first product made, what was the product, and how did you go about selling it online?

- What’s a typical day in your life look like (ie. what time do you get up, what sort of hours are you working, etc.)?

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About the Author: Matt Lloyd

Matt Lloyd is a 24 year old entrepreneur and internet marketing consultant who lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has achieved Top 10 status in many of the major worldwide affiliate contests, and is passionate about wealth creation.

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  • Nice Interview Matt! … (but the sound at the beginning was a shocker – no wonder JB was making fun of you hahaha!)

  • Great interview Matt! Really awesome how you got JB on an interview. Really like your stuff. Keep up the good work!

  • Awesome… haha, great insights…! thank you!

  • Hey Mate, Awesome interview, I’m definitely jealous you got to chat with the great Jonathan Budd, He’s been someone I’ve looked up to for the last 3 years so yer congrats mate and all the best :)

    • Thanks Daniel… I have been following jonathan for some years now too… so it was good to finally talk to him.

  • Hey Matt!
    This is funny lol

    I saw you in the Leader Board!
    Congrats, buddy!

    I’ll see you at the event ;)

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